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Inventory Management System


  1. Product
    1. Product Purchase
      1. Barcode Printer
      2. Barcode Scanner
      3. Enter Product Record
    2. Product Sale
      1. Enter Sales Details
      2. Print Sales Bill
      3. Return purchased product
    3. Product Inventory
      1. Product Remaining in shop(Inventory)
      2. Update inventory based on product returned
  2. Customer
    1. Add/Update customer
    2. Record of products that customer purchased
    3. Customer Credit Record
    4. Customer Debit Record
    5. Total Credit taken by Customers
  3. Vendor
    1. Add/Update Vendor
    2. Record of products that vendor sold
    3. Vendor Credit Record
    4. Vendor Debit Record
    5. Indicator for goods less than 10
  4. Report
    1. Display record of products purchased(year/month/day)
    2. Display record of products sold(year/month/day)
    3. Display record of products remaining(year/month/day)
    4. Display profit/loss(year/month/day)
  5. Online Data Backup

Online Ticket Reservation System


  1. The website shall use sign-in mechanism for Passenger and Admin.
  2. Administrator just has rights to delete and edit any data or any information.
  3. Passenger shall sign-in to his/her account to search for routes available and tickets available on specified routes.
  4. Passenger can reserve ticket.
  5. Passenger can return ticket.
  6. Passenger can see available and booked tickets of specified air bus.

Online Auction System


  1. Online user registration
  2. User can display product for bid
  3. User can bid on displayed products
  4. User can view highest bid on his/her product
  5. User can view contact details of highest bidder
  6. User can change bid status of his/her product like sold, available, not available etc.